High accuracy, low energy 

Our mission is to provide organizations with insights into water, soil, and waste management through our precision IoT modules, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

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Io-Things Is A Manufacturer Of IoT Nodes For Remote Sensing.

In a world increasingly facing ecological and operational challenges, we are committed to providing effective solutions that are both efficient and sustainable.

We focus on three markets:

  1. Waste: We provide fill-level sensors that ensure efficient and smart waste collection.
  2. Climate: Our IoT nodes are used to monitor groundwater levels, soil moisture, and soil tension, which are crucial for sustainable water management..
  3. Custom projects: We offer customization in both printed circuit board (PCB) and software development. 

Our expertise lies in developing nodes that perform accurate measurements while remaining energy-efficient.

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Cloud Platform

With the purchase of each Io-Things sensor, you gain access to the Io-Things portal. This powerful platform serves as your centralized hub for managing a diverse range of devices seamlessly.

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Mobile App 

In addition to the portal, we offer a feature-packed mobile app that complements your IoT experience. Receive timely alerts through push notifications, keeping you informed in real time about critical events. 

Moreover, the app offers a range of additional functionalities specifically tailored for on-site visits: support maintenance tasks, take photos, and perform control measurements.

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Whether it's groundwater, rainwater, or soil moisture, our HydrioSense module can handle it all. 


Monitor your dewatering and prevent unpleasant surprises. 


Never deal with overflowing waste bins again with our smart IoT fill-level sensor. The binthing sensor is also the smallest fill-level sensor on the market and fits in any waste bin.