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Io-Things is a team of professional computer science and electronics experts who design, produce and assemble PCB's and software.

At Io-Things, we are dedicated to bring your projects to the market, taking into account both time and budget. An iteration from zero to prototype typically takes us 3 months.

We are not a one stop shop. We cover expertise in PCB design, C++ firmware, cloud based scalable PaaS architectures, Angular front-end applications and flutter for mobile app development.

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Our latest productions

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The Bin Thing

IoT enabled waste monitoring

The Bin Thing is a small affordable waste sensor. This laser sensor was designed with a small form factor to enable easy integration into existing waste bins. A built-in accelerometer reports how often the waste basked was used and when the bin was emptied.

Compared to more traditional acoustic distance measuring sensors, our solution excels both in precision and energy consumption.

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Grizit's goal is to enable better maintenance of machinery. Providing  better insight in the maintenance process avoids costly downtime and repairs.

The intelligent grease head makes the lubrication process smart by recording events. For this project we developed components to measure grease flow, temperature, nippel ID. 

In addition, a grizit platform was designed that provides realtime feedback on the maintenance status of a plant.

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Mobile serious gaming platform

Bibendo (formerly ARLearn) is a framework for creating mobile serious games. For this project an ngx based game authoring tool was developed, facilitating fast and easy game content creation.

A game player was designed and created in flutter. This mobile player enables game play on both Android and iOS phones.

Project partners: Open Universiteit, NBD Biblion, Spankracht Ontwerpers

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Io-Things Bv

VAT: BE 0744.681.173

Molenveld 61,

B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem


Johan Laermans

Potstraat 37,



Stefaan Ternier
+32 485 86 85 93

Molenveld 61,

B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

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